Application of LCD display in 5G base station


The operating environment of a base station determines our fundamental network security and signal quality. Therefore, only when the operating environment of the computer room is stable can we have a good network environment. Are you still worried about the base station room

Instability of the power supply system;

The temperature and humidity are too high;

Possibly standing water

Will the cabinet be opened at will, and the lines be pulled out or damaged, etc., will these situations have a serious impact on the network operation?

The 5G base station (computer room) dynamic environment monitoring and management system can solve these concerns for you. The main components of the dynamic environment monitoring system are:

1. Power distribution monitoring

Communication power supply: monitor input and output voltage, current, working status (mains/backup);

Battery pack: monitor the total voltage, current, capacity and backup time of the battery.

2. Environmental monitoring

Temperature and humidity: base station temperature and humidity monitoring;

Base station air conditioner: air conditioner switch status, humidity manual, automatic adjustment, air conditioner timing and cycle control, etc.;

Water leakage: Water leakage in the base station.

3. Security

Access control: base station door switch status, personnel entering and leaving;

Video screen: Remotely view the video of the base station, generally each base station is set with 1-2 channels of video surveillance (7-inch TFT LCD);

Firefighting: Firefighting smoke conditions.

The base station computer room environment monitoring and management system can monitor in real time, and has the functions of providing the operating parameters, operating status, and alarm records of the equipment in the computer room. Whether it is the monitoring equipment in the computer room or the monitored equipment, LCD liquid crystal display modules are used. For example, UPS (1.8-inch TFT LCD) devices that can provide stable uninterruptible power supply, intelligent detection meters, frequency converters, etc. Because the base stations are scattered, it is difficult for staff to detect and deal with power failures in time, and the intelligent power detection system can feedback the power supply status of 5G base stations in real time. Repair time, so that we can use the network smoothly. There is also a temperature and humidity monitoring display device, which is also equipped with an LCD liquid crystal display screen, which can display the temperature and humidity conditions in the computer room on the screen in real time. When an abnormality occurs, it will notify the corresponding LCD liquid crystal display module through an alarm.