BOE, which lost Apple's orders, has in-depth cooperation with domestic mobile phones


It is deplorable that Apple moved BOE out of the supply chain, but BOE is not discouraged, and continues to promote the development of OLED panel technology through cooperation with domestic mobile phone brands, actively catching up with the leader Samsung, and the price of domestic mobile phone brands using BOE screens has also surpassed iPhone. 


Among the domestic mobile phone brands, the manufacturer with the longest and most in-depth cooperation with BOE is undoubtedly Huawei. In 2017, BOE mass-produced OLED panels. In 2019, Huawei began to use BOE's OLED panels, and the two have maintained their cooperation until now.


Huawei's first mobile phone with BOE's screen was the P20 series. The P20 Pro was priced from 4,988 yuan. Later, Huawei's mateX mobile phone also used BOE's OLED panel. One of the most expensive mobile phones, mateX was even increased to tens of thousands by third-party merchants at that time, so mateX was even known as a wealth management product.


Since then, domestic mobile phone brands such as Xiaomi have also cooperated with BOE. Xiaomi MIX4 uses BOE's OLED panel, and the price also starts at 4,999 yuan. Recently, Xiaomi's Redmi K50 e-sports version also uses BOE's OLED panel. It is reported that this panel has reached the DisPlay A+ level. This is the first domestic OLED screen other than Samsung to obtain A+ certification.


It can be said that the cooperation between BOE and domestic mobile phones is constantly deepening. Now domestic mobile phone brands account for 50% of the global mobile phone market, exceeding the combined market share of Samsung and Apple. Relying on the support of domestic mobile phone brands, BOE’s OLED panels The business can also continue to develop smoothly.


BOE has become the second largest manufacturer in the global OLED panel market after Samsung, with a market share of more than 10%, which is higher than that of another OLED panel manufacturer in South Korea, LGD. It can be said that BOE, as a latecomer, is a latecomer in the market. , let Samsung and LGD feel like a man on the back.


In terms of technology, BOE is also quite remarkable. Its screen display technology is different from that of Samsung. BOE’s OLED panel has also caused the stalk of Zhou Dongyu’s arrangement, while Samsung’s is a diamond arrangement. There are different opinions as to which is better, but this also shows that There are technical differences between the two; in terms of folding OLED panels, BOE is the second panel company to develop a folding OLED screen after Samsung. Samsung released its first folding phone in 2019, and Huawei also released it in the same year. mateX with BOE OLED folding screen.


Apple's introduction of BOE's OLED panels last year is an endorsement of BOE's technology, and it is determined that BOE's OLED panel technology is at the same level as Samsung's. At the same time, Apple also hopes to introduce BOE, prompting BOE and Samsung to compete and reduce the price of OLED panels. BOE has also gained huge profits from this. The profit obtained by BOE in 2021 is almost equal to the sum of the net profit of the previous 10 years, which shows how lucrative Apple has given the supply chain.


Now that Apple has temporarily kicked BOE out of the supply chain, it may have to re-evaluate BOE’s OLED panel technology. However, considering that BOE is still the second largest OLED panel company in the world, if Apple wants to promote competition among OLED panel suppliers, BOE still cannot ignore it. After all, the only OLED panel companies with high level and production capacity are BOE and Samsung.


From the attitude of Apple to China's supply chain in recent years, the domestic media believe that the domestic mobile phone industry chain should not rely too much on Apple. Apple always repeats itself with suppliers, and even forces suppliers to develop innovative technologies, but once the suppliers' innovative technologies If it fails to meet Apple’s requirements, it will be abandoned and the suppliers will suffer heavy losses. The previous sapphire glass supplier, GTAT, was tempted by Apple to invest heavily. In the end, Apple abandoned GTAT and caused GTAT to go bankrupt. It can be seen that Apple is not a good person.