Longli Technology joins hands with Tidu to launch Mini LED gaming monitor


Recently, Longli Technology and Chinese e-sports brand Tidu have jointly launched a Mini LED gaming monitor with a pre-sale price of 1999 yuan - Tidu M27NQC-SE.


It is reported that this display not only reduces the price range of Mini LED displays by more than 60%, but is also the first thousand-yuan Mini LED display with a 65W reverse charging Type-C interface.


The M27NQC-SE has been opened for pre-order at the Taidu Display JD flagship store.


Image quality: Mini LED backlight + various performance


This monitor is 27 inches in size, has a high resolution of 2560*1440, built-in 2304 lamp beads, can control 384 independent partitions, finely control light at the micron level, and the wide color gamut of quantum dots covers 100% sRGB wide color gamut, 95% DCI-P3 film-level color gamut, 10Bit dazzling color depth, can present 1.07 billion colors, HDR 1000, peak brightness up to 1000 nits, providing the ultimate for gamers and other consumers who pursue high image quality Visual experience.


In addition to the application of Mini LED backlight, the Tidu M27NQC-SE gaming monitor also pays attention to the performance that gamers care about. For example, the 165Hz ultra-high screen refresh rate and 1ms (MPRT) fast response time, while supporting the Adaptive-Sync vertical synchronization technology of AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, are more suitable for the needs of gaming display players.


Application: Mini LED backlight + professional gaming


Compared with traditional LCD backlight technology, Mini LED has higher performance in brightness, contrast, and color. Especially after the HDR dynamic display technology is turned on, the light and shadow performance of games and videos is more realistic and delicate. In addition, the Mini LED backlight can control the brightness of the screen by partition, so as to achieve the effect of borderless, accurate display and bright colors.


Compared with OLED, Mini LED can better overcome the inherent shortcomings of OLED's high heat generation and burning screen, and can also achieve larger screen size and lower price. Therefore, Mini LED display technology has risen rapidly and is widely used in vehicles, games, etc. Notebooks and high-end monitors.


As China's leading provider of backlight display module system solutions, Longli Technology has a variety of products that have been implemented in multiple application scenarios, such as the world's first mass-produced representative of new car-making forces - NIO's Mini LED instrument, Air-conditioning screens, global industrial-grade Mini LED VR headset Varjo and other brands have adopted Longli Technology's Mini LED backlight technology.


Tidu is also a brand manufacturer with many years of experience in the design of e-sports equipment. The cooperation between Longli and the e-sports brand Tidu has also demonstrated the adaptability of Mini LED backlight to e-sports scenes at the market level.


Cost down60%: Promoting the landing of Mini LED backlight in the market


Longli Technology started the research and development of Mini LED technology in 2016, and completed the trial production line in 2018 and ran smoothly. It has mature design and development capabilities and a complete independent supply chain. With the above advantages, Longli can further reduce production costs.


At present, this Mini LED display has been put on the shelves in the flagship store of Taidu Display JD.


At present, Mini LED backlight technology is becoming mature, and the main problem is still in cost and market development. The significant reduction in cost will facilitate the large-scale application of Mini LED.