Why is the QD-Mini LED technology that makes TCL TV sales soar?


The TV industry in 2022 can really be called "a hundred schools of thought contending", and various display technologies have begun to flock to the market, especially the "dark horse" Mini LED technology in recent years, which once again proved its broad prospects to the market. As the first domestic brand in the field of Mini LED technology, TCL launched the third-generation QD-Mini LED technology at the TV new product launch conference this spring, and launched three new TV products, which will already be the "first" display technology. Echelon's Mini LED technology has been upgraded to make it reach the "ceiling" level in display technology, which is widely discussed and sought after by consumers.


What is QD-Mini LED technology?

Although the achievements of Mini LED technology are very eye-catching, most people know little about Mini LED technology. In fact, Mini LED technology can be regarded as a display technology that uses thousands to tens of thousands of micron-scale LED light-emitting chips as backlights. And its upgraded version of QD-Mini LED technology belongs to TCL's cutting-edge display technology. It combines the technical advantages of LCD and OLED, and has breakthroughly solved the industry technical problem of mass transfer of particle LED chips, and upgraded the surface light source to pixel-level dots. The light source also uses the world's leading QLED technology to achieve ultra-high contrast, ultra-high brightness, ultra-high color gamut, and ultra-long life. It is the real next-generation mainstream large-screen display technology.


What are the advantages of QD-Mini LED technology compared to Mini LED and OLED?

QD-Mini LED technology is a leap forward based on LCD, and it also absorbs the advantages of OLED technology. QD-Mini LED is different from most Mini LED technologies in the industry. TCL's QD-Mini LED technology adds a layer of QD quantum dots between the light-emitting layer and the deflection layer, and uses nano-scale quantum dot materials to achieve 1 billion-level quantum dots. Color, wider color gamut, purer and longer color.


Compared with the self-luminous technology of OLED, QD-Mini LED greatly improves the peak brightness, and at the same time solves the problem of burn-in burn-in of long-term display. It is also much better than OLED screen in cost, allowing consumers to enjoy higher quality prices. Than enjoy the best audio-visual experience, so it is understandable that it is so popular with users.


There is no doubt that the advantages of QD-Mini LED technology perfectly fit the needs of the new generation of panel technology in the era of large screens. And this future display technology, which is recognized as a black technology by the industry, has the right to speak in the hands of TCL.


Leveraging Mini LED technology TCL TV achieves global leadership

TCL took the lead in the layout of the entire industry chain in 2017, and launched the world's first Mini LED backlight TV in 2018. In 2019, TCL was the first company to achieve mass production of Mini LED TVs; in 2020, when other manufacturers started to produce Mini LED TVs, TCL has already won over 90% of the global sales of Mini LED TV products. This allows us to see that Chinese technology companies represented by TCL are rapidly rising in the global market. According to the latest Mini LED TV market share ranking released by CMM from January to May 2022, it can be seen that TCL crushes other brands with an absolute advantage of 70.94% in the Mini LED TV market, ranking TOP 1 in the industry. Demonstrated the "absolutely leading" market competitiveness advantage.


Not long after other brands entered the Mini LED field, TCL developed the QD-Mini LED technology with even better performance. Its appearance means another major change in the entire display industry. Different from previous industry changes, this time QD-Mini LED technology has opened the leading gap between Chinese companies and other countries. After experiencing the LCD era dominated by Japanese companies and the OLED era dominated by Korean companies, this time it is QD-Mini LED technology. In the era of LED technology, Chinese companies have finally mastered the right to speak with "Made in China" and lead the development of display technology.


As the pioneer and leader of QD-Mini LED display technology, TCL is truly user-centric and constantly challenges the technological limits of the industry. As TCL continues to enrich and improve the Mini LED product line, it is believed that more and more consumers can enjoy the ultimate experience brought by QD-Mini LED technology!