Vivo folding display


Some people say that the smart computer is becoming smaller and smaller is the mobile phone, but so far, the mobile phone can not fully meet the requirements of the computer, and there are many functions of the mobile phone that the computer can not eliminate. In the process of long-term development, the evolution of mobile phones must be based on the characteristics of propriety, convenience, large capacity and multifunction. On the one hand, these characteristics depend on the basic role of mobile phones, on the other hand, the use of human needs.


In recent years, the gimmick of folding screen mobile phone remains high. Mobile phone manufacturers believe that folding screen mobile phone will occupy a certain market, so they make great efforts in folding screen circuit. When many mobile phone manufacturers develop and release fold-screen mobile phones, vivo also recently launched the first fold-screen mobile phone vivo X Fold. Perhaps this also indicates that vivo is about to open a new competition through fold-screen mobile phones.


The "Sound" of the folding Screen


If you know the fold-screen phone, the concept explains that it can bend or even twist 360 degrees, and its screen needs to be folded 200,000 times to remain intact. In other words, folding screen products are strict on the selection of materials, to choose in its flexible, service life.


According to public information, the flexible display was first released in 2014, and a patent Samsung has filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office shows a new foldable phone design, which uses a hinge between two screens to avoid the bending problem of folding screens.


The creation of folding screen is not only used for mobile phones, but also extended to headset VR, vacuum cleaners and some medical devices. In some special fields, folding screen plays an important role.


Folding screen development, manufacturers and consumers have different views.


In the mobile phone manufacturer, folding screen is smartphone again change, these changes still occur in the recommended form in recent years, the most important is change the size of the folding screen, is no longer on the edges, color change, but the characteristics of flexible material, folding, for vendors, folding screen is once again pushing the new mobile phone industry, has the development significance.


The advantage of fold-screen mobile phone lies in the large-screen mode after unfolding, and the emergence of fold-screen can also be regarded as a breakthrough in the exploration of large-screen mobile phone by manufacturers. On the basis of convenience, consumers can feel the charm of large-screen mobile phone, so as to realize the diversification and diversification of mobile phone styles.


Actually from past changes in style of mobile phone, smart phone, buttons, the screen is more and more big, finally into the era of full screen, but as the embodiment of the user requirements, a larger screen also occupy a certain space for development, but based on the purpose of the mobile phone is convenient, and to distinguish tablet, folding screens became.


But what may be a change for manufacturers is a niche delight from a user's point of view.


Has the users to buy folding screens later found that actually has been looking forward to a folding screen stunt composition is too big, there is no actual function, watching TV can use a laptop or tablet, seemingly as a function of mobile phone support is just pay big money to replace the original mobile phone bracket, at a time when the so-called because of the flip phone nostalgia also became to naught.


As early as 2018 vivo executive vice President Hu Baishan had said in a media interview about the small niche of the folding screen, he believes that the folding screen "the first technology can not have obvious defects, the second to bring real use value to consumers. And it has to do with the price. The cost can't come down." In the view of some users, the folding screen to meet the manufacturer's desire to improve, but most users are still used to using the original mobile phone, for the market to launch the folding screen is mostly just curious, many people will not pay attention to after trial.


In fact, in the original evolution process of mobile phone, the screen change is only a part of the change. For example, the upgrade of mobile phone memory, camera and so on has been able to meet the use needs of most people after reaching a certain extent, and only a few people are chasing the "better" evolution of mobile phone.


In the mobile phone in the process of evolution, research and development costs, marketing costs, and so on will be on mobile phone price, for consumers, basic meet consumer demand and affordable mobile phone is the best, after all, regardless of the apple, millet or mobile phones, such as huawei, and thrust deep into the consumption demand of the fate of the low price of those models would be intolerable to give priority to, And the total amount of high-end machine compared to the total amount of low-end machine is still very big gap.


The Obsession with Folding Screens


Why would vivo and other manufacturers introduce folding screens?


Under the background of the current small folding screen preferences, handset makers still spare no effort to launch folding screen mobile phone, the reason is that mobile phones become a computer flat for the idea, on the basis of this, and because each big manufacturer of research and development technology to reach the top, single screen has been unable to meet the development of the internal functions, of course, also because can't further on the specifications of the original manufacturers, So from the folding screen as a breakthrough to show their technical capabilities.


Vivo has been deeply involved in mobile phone cameras, several years of development from millions of pixels to hundreds of millions, so that people who like to take photos more love high pixel mobile phones. At the same time, a short video industry is developing rapidly, for the ascension of the hardware and software requirements, constantly promote the progress of mobile phone pixels, and more of the specifications of the attached photos, video, and promote the continuous increase of mobile phone memory at the same time, the long, cell phone cameras and memory also reached a peak, then folding screen tuyere is to alleviate the lifeline of the development of the former, Give manufacturers time to catch their breath.


Folding screen has advantages, but also obvious disadvantages.


Folding screen in folding, but at present, although major manufacturers in the technical level to make a major breakthrough, folding trace perfect elimination still has a certain distance. Media information that folding screen is not glass, flexible screen is often plastic material, screen opening and closing times after the crease is unavoidable, the appearance will be greatly discounted.


In addition to the external screen, the re-customization of the built-in system is equally important. So far, the first known fold-screen phone was Samsung, followed by Huawei, Xiaomi, and oppo. Now vivo is following the rules to enter the fold-screen market, not only considering the hardware and software configuration issues, but also considering the fierce competition in the niche market.


According to the report by THEELEC, Samsung has planned to ship 13 million fold-screen phones worldwide in 2022, which is also defined as the first year of fold-screen. After vivo's entry, the big companies will almost complete the fold-screen, but the final concept of who will win is still not defined.


As the first manufacturer to release fold-screen mobile phone, Samsung will take the lead in cognition and occupy the subjective consciousness of consumers, which cannot be made up through marketing and publicity. However, according to the domestic purchase form, Huawei and Xiaomi are most likely to win the first place, while oppo and vivo are not only less aware of consumers because of the late purchase. But also because of the brand competition between the two and the former two also a step.


In addition, repeatedly emphasize the small niche of folding screen, the most important is that the current folding screen users only occupy a small cluster, more consumers are still using conventional mobile phones, so when manufacturers release folding screen, with a normal mind to treat, waiting for the long-term popularity of folding screen is good.


Folding screen, not vivo's strong mouth


Although the folding screen "calls constantly", but the first year of folding screen, not folding screen era, will eventually transfer the competition to elsewhere.


Rise from the bottom, vivo and oppo common characteristics, with the growth of development time, vivo has been on the road to high-end machine for a long time, but still can not really enter the high-end, so far, most consumers recognize the high-end machine is still Apple, Huawei, Samsung and other brands, vivo's brand impression still stays in the widespread chain stores and ubiquitous mobile advertising, vivo's high-end brand image from the previous several still gap.


The need for a higher brand profile is not entirely dependent on the development of pixels in a phone, and Xiaomi has beaten many brands in terms of price for money, while vivo and oppo won't be able to achieve celebrity status even if they are better.


In the process of developing brands, vivo's brand image is further enhanced partly by the achievements of its own technology research and development, and partly by the "price reduction" of other brands. In the process of long-term development, high-end brands will not all rely on the high-end market, so these brands differentiated sub-brands into the low-end market, which also brings opportunities for vivo, oppo rise, and create sub-brands into the high-end machine market, so in the sub-brand occupies high and low, thereby enhancing the main brand image.


In vivo folding screen market, itself is a small track, but consideration to each competition not to be missed and folding screen in the future market remains to be seen, so the vivo will compete for market share with other brands, in addition, such as building cars, smart apparel products and other electronic products, is also built on future market interoperability.


In the future consumer market, the intelligent ecosystem is becoming more and more perfect, and mobile phone manufacturers are no longer just mobile phone manufacturers, but also involved in more fields related to intelligent electronic products, so, in the fold screen "small outlet" behind, is the business of the major manufacturers to compete.


Folding screen is still a part of the competition of smart phones. Other products are somewhat different from the main business, but the competition only in this business has already started a "war" in silence, and the development of the whole category is bound to be more intense in the future.


Vivo, on the whole, as a final a mainstream manufacturers open folding screen track, if not beyond the former several technical ability and excellent products, then to occupy the market share must be limited, a glimpse, vivo need may be continuously enhance brand image, more position in the high-end market, brand promoting enterprise development.