China has more than 4,000 "5G+ industrial Internet" projects under construction


It is learned from the 2022 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference that as the "new name card" of 5G large-scale commercialization and industrial digitalization, China's "5G+ Industrial Internet" innovation and development has entered a fast track. Up to now, there are more than 4,000 "5G+ industrial Internet" projects under construction nationwide.


China has built the world's largest and leading 5G independent network. The number of 5G base stations exceeded 2.22 million, accounting for more than 60% of the world's total. All prefecture-level cities, counties and urban areas are covered by 5G networks, with more than 520 million users. The "5+2" national top node identification system for the industrial Internet has been fully completed, with a total of 213.9 billion signage registrations and 120 million national top node identification per day, covering 29 provinces and 38 key industries.


The application of 5G in the industrial field has accelerated from the peripheral auxiliary link of production to the control link of production center, and the 5G chips, modules and terminals for industry continue to emerge. The "5G+ Industrial Internet" project under construction nationwide has formed a large number of typical application practices, including remote equipment control, machine vision quality inspection and unmanned intelligent inspection, in ten key industries, including electronic equipment manufacturing, steel and electric power, and fostered a number of high-level 5G fully connected factory benchmarks.


Basic telecommunications companies, industrial enterprises and other market players have deepened cooperation, and the "5G+ Industrial Internet" business model and development path are gradually clear. All sectors of the industry have significantly increased their awareness, demand and ability to "build and use" the industrial Internet. Many places are speeding up the construction of "5G+ Industrial Internet" integration and application pilot areas with industrial and regional characteristics. The spread of 5G to medical care, transportation, education and other industries is accelerating, and artificial intelligence and other new technologies are becoming more mature.